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I have been very lucky to work with some amazing actors and actresses and to be connected to the film community. 

This is the second play I wrote and directed in theme with the film The Voice That Was Louder Than is called Shattered on the Table and Dripping off the Edge. 

I put together a film festival, these three poems/films were my artistic contribution and shown. The festival was called OCD ( Outstanding Cinematic Delights), my hope was that making a negative acronym positive it will help change social stigma around mental health. However at the time I felt it was hard to find films that were directly about mental health and not sensationalizing through maybe a third person's perspective of mental health.  

This is the first play I wrote and directed, it was also in the theme of The Voice That Was Louder Than Before

This was my first feature film I wrote and directed, called Shattered Glass. It is about a woman who commits suicide and comes back to earth to understand herself and the relationships around her. 

This is my second short film, it is based off of looking for my mother on the streets. One version is short the other is full length.

This is the first film I ever directed and wrote and shoot, it is about a girl who lost her mother in a car-accident and how she copes with that loss, and the people around her. 

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