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The Mind, Heart and Spirit Series 

The Circle Around The Wall

This is a series of fictional biographies, 3 philosophers/psychologist, 3 writers, and 3 spiritual leaders ( not yet written). They are all written from childhood to sucess or their mental health disability. 

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This book was inspired by Carl Jung's life. It is a deep emotional portrait of his choices, growth and eventual dreams. 

The Silence Before There Were Walls

The title of this book is a reference to the prejudices we experience before we have the language to describe them. This book is inspired by Nietzsche's life and told as if he was a lesbian. 

 It is a deeply poetic and experimental book told through emotions. This is a book re-imagining Nietzsche as a woman and confronts the self-loathing and the connection women have for all women within a society whose fabric is cooperation, and whose dreams are of love and acceptence. This is the story of the internal struggle within the ambition of Nietzsche, and the lost aspects of that same face. As women we become the great unifiers and dividers of a world afraid of women, and yet despite that we all strive with persistence and tenacity for our own acceptance in that same world, the Silence Before There Were Walls attempts to express that experience before there were words, through the life of one of the world's greatest philosophers. 


The People Between The Walls

This is a book inspired by Freud, told from a lesbian's perspective. The theme of the book is intimacy, and the private dreams, the public words and eventually the broken hearts that fall between. 

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The Cracks In The Walls

The Cracks In The Wall is a book inspired by Sylvia Plath's life. It is a fictional biography beginning in her childhood up to her mental health disability. It is a poetic expression of the cracks within the boundaries of our inner spaces; as those cracks grow, and as those spaces change, we become the embodiment of life's hollowness, its lessons and its humanity. This book centers around the boundaries of womanhood, misogyny and the profound hopelessness that many women experience.

The Hidden Glance of the Self Between Walls

This book is inspired by Virginia Woolf. It is about the slavery of the self within the self, the narrow and yet large mind where we trace the mazes into our identity as well as our reach against and to both walls ( walls of words, walls of family, walls of dreams), the soul fluttering away in seconds right before it gets sucked back in. 

The Wall within The Body

This is a story about the classism in society told through a womxn's eyes. It is a profound look into shame we carry, as we fall into the inner grace of the laugh lines and the sorrow of an unknown eye, striking against us into the versions of endless selves; crippling under the weight, strengthened by that same weight, endlessly recycling what we remembered into who, and what we can only see: the wall within; and the body that claims its nuances. This is a piece of my larger series as it is a fictional biography about an unknown writer.

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