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Suzanne Steinberg

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My Story

Day to day life

I feel like I could write this a million different ways, for the many different version of society that I have met over my lifetime...most of my art work is emotionally raw, either through form in the drawn flowers, through abstraction in poetry, in images in film, and in photography in the stillness and motion within each photo...I want to say something cynical and jaded and off the cuff romantic, but all I can think of is really a thank you for visiting the website. It has been a long road of many hellos and many goodbyes, and I hope as someone invested in the arts, the art somehow stays despite the life, the context of that same and different  life, and the falling/dreams. 

A dedication to those I may have never met, it is from my book ( If you saw the flaws in my words before my imagination then you never really loved me)....

The world is made up of some many different kinds of people and so many layers of experiences that we eventually turn into stories and inflections behind words. There are so many lives that outline every word we half-heartedly use to describe our greatest accomplishments and worst fears, and yet we still memorize the language and the rules as if they are unbreakable. It is odd sometimes to think of the greatest chasms among the seconds of who we are becoming and the lifetimes of the people we see in passing. I tend to think at times there are soul-less people in this world who I can not reach, and yet there is often so many others who feel the same way about me. (may my art be an adventure into the souls of others, the soul-lessness of the world, and the soul-lessness within ourselves).

Thank you as art remains silent until it is first heard, even if that first connection is frail and soft and in passing a voice is greater no matter how soft and wavering then no voice at all. I hope all the journeys before us as a society are always more pleasant then the ones behind us as our greatest season of equality is yet to be dreamed of. 

My Story
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